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Automotive and eMobility Die Cut Tape Adhesive Solutions

The advantages of our Continuous Partner Involvement approach are matched only by our global presence across automotive supply chains. As a key market focus, our team has developed strong relationships with all major OEMs and top tier suppliers in order to understand both your technologies and quality standards. With access to regional and local supply chains around the world,  we assure that your products will be in close proximity to your manufacturing facilities when needed.

Automotive - Acoustics

Noise Reduction in Automotive Interiors

Noise absorption

Acoustic absorption in the doors
Trunk absorption pads
Rear window trim or extensions
Trunk floor absorption pads
Absorptive acoustic dash mat
Headliner absorbers
Air vent absorptive ultrasonic welded pads

Noise blocking
Engine cover
Fender insulators
Windscreen seal
Pillar absorbers
Radiator seal
Sunroof seals

Structure born and harshness reduction
Seat belts buckle felt
Door pocket & glove box textiles
Floorboard constrained anti-vibration pads
Bumpons for light systems

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Automotive - LED Lighting

Sealing and cooling of LED Lighting

Bonding and sealing

Bonding solutions for difficult surfaces
Low emission solutions (when close to LED front side)
Temperature resistance (back side of LED)
Outdoor resistance (UV, Water, Temperature)
Ventilation solution with high airflow and good protection
Sealing (Against water, dust and light leaking)

Thermal management
Thermally conductive gap fillers to improve heat transfer (0,8 to 7W/mk)
Heat shields to avoid detectable hot spots and for the protections of heat sensitive parts
Graphite, copper and aluminium flexible heat sinks for passive cooling

Automotive - Interior & Exterior

Bonding, Sealing and Protection for Interiors and Exteriors

NVH application

Noise elimination
Vibration elimination
Harshness elimination
Windscreen seal
Felts for friction elimination

Anti- rattling tapes
Anti- rattling foams
Double-sided tapes

Seat heating elements
Body side mouldings and badges
Mounting of windscreens
Mounting of rubber and plastic profiles

Optical, EMI, Insulation and Acoustic applications

Displays and infotainment screens

Optical bonding of displays
Bonding of display modules to chassis or frame
Sealing of display and Touch Panel Module
Light shielding and guiding
Shock absorbers, vibration cancelling
Window/surface protection

GND & shielding
Electric conductive foams for grounding of covers, PCB and other components
EMI (electromagnetic interference) shielding of components
Frequency absorbers to reduce interferences

Speaker gaskets for sound channelling
Acoustical screens for microphones & speakers for protection sound improvements

Thermal management
Thermally conductive gap fillers to improve heat transfer (0,8 to 7W/mk)
Heat shields to avoid detectable hot spots and for the protections of heat sensitive parts
Graphite, copper and aluminium flexible heat sinks for passive cooling

Insulation, Shielding and Cooling in Batteries

Water and dust seal of connectors & covers
Thermal insulation and noise absorption
Compression pads between battery cells
Thermal management to improve heat transfer between battery and cooling system
Cushioning and vibration control of cooling systems
Thermal and Fire barrier systems inside and outside batteries
Busbar & general electrical insulation
Cell seperator to avoid electrical shortcuts


our flame retardant products that are fiber based and prevent the condensation process. To prevent the condensation of water vapor at cold spots inside a battery pack and to reduce the risk of corrosion or even electrical short circuits caused by water drops, humidity must be absorbed.

Stokheat are products, which improve thermal insulation of the whole battery pack. Stable temperature inside a battery pack of EVs is very important from an efficiency point of view.

Stoktherm is based on thermal conductive acrylic polymers up to 3W/mK and offers excellent electric insulation properties. Due to a wide range of hardness from hard to very soft, the material group can be used for special gap filling and bonding requirements. All materials are silicone free and comply with UL94 V-0/VTM-0. our standard product line can be optimized in thickness and thermal conductivity.

Stokseal highly compressible elastomeric polyurethane and silicone foams seals against water, moisture, dust and air. Due to its excellent mechanical resistance and recovery properties it is the best choice for high-end sealing, cushioning and cell expansion (pressure/compression pad) applications.

ITW-Formex are our flame retardant insulation films. Superior performance specifications make Formex the ideal insulation solution for EV power system components including EV Battery Pack, EV Onboard Charger, EV DC/DC Converter, EV Power Electronics Controller, EV DC Charging Station, EV Battery Management System.

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Automotive - E-mobility