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Electronic Die Cut Tape Adhesive Solutions

While Stokvis Tapes has been involved in electronics manufacturing since the earliest innovations in cellular phones, today’s market requires even-faster turnarounds to meet short product cycles as well as accommodating both high- and low-tech assembly. Yet material quality and precise selection remains mission-critical to fulfil the BOMs while maintaining customer confidence.

Stokvis' market focus in electronics, high-value clean room capabilities and array of manufacturing capabilities assure customer cost-efficiency and product performance that leads to ultimate customer satisfaction.

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Electronics - Applications (electronics)


Heat Management;
We offer a wide range of solutions within heat management which can be separated into two areas: thermal interface materials and heat spreader solutions.

Electrical Shielding & Grounding Applications; Our electrical grounding offerings include multiple electrically conductive solutions from conductive tapes to grounding/electrically conductive foams.

Stokvent; A PET based ventilation solutions developed by Stokvis Tapes for electronic, definitely to lighting applications that must be sealed from liquid and particle ingress, but still be able to vent to avoid condensation.

Optical Clear Adhesives; Our optical bonding materials with high-end properties have an excellent security against outgassing and ink-step bubbles. They are acrylic based and available in a wide range of thicknesses and hardness.

ITW Formex; Flame retardant insulation film for power system components that is score and foldable, flame-retardant and has best in class electrical isolation properties.

Stokseal; An elastomeric polyurethane and silicone foam which is highly compressible. It seals against water, moisture, dust and air. The materials range includes a wide range of densities, thicknesses and softness levels. Due to its exceptional mechanical resistance it is an ideal choice for high-end sealing, cushioning and shock absorption applications.

Stokbond; An unique range of solid core acrylic foam tapes. They can be used to bond plastics like PP, PVC, PMMA, PC, PET and Aluminium, steel and glass.

Value Added Services


Material selection: Through in-house innovation developments and closely working with the world’s leading raw material suppliers, Stokvis Tapes has the experience to provide our clients the optimized and cost-effective selection to fulfill their requirements.

R&D and Lab support: We are dedicated to support only high-quality products that match customers’ specifications and tolerances with a level of service that meets your most demanding requirements. Our fully equipped laboratory is capable of testing according to international standards like AFERA, PSTC, DIN or BS to determine how our tapes will preform in relation to your own materials.

Warehouse and logistic support:

A global network of climate-controlled warehouses stands ready to put both raw materials and finished products where customers’ supply chains demand they be.

Quality: All tape solutions we offer meet your quality demands proven by extensive (ISO) quality certifications and validated manufacturing processes. We continuously develop our product solutions and ourselves.

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